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The LDR approach to optimal, constant illumination in equipment areas with uneven surfaces is to install elongated light strips running vertically on the left and right of the space. The best results are achieved by installing the lights at an angle behind the guide rails inside the area to be illuminated. That way the light strips are protected from being damaged by the operating mechanism and they do not blind the user.

The lighting strips are of robust construction with aluminium casing and fully-moulded polyurethane. Measuring an extremely compact 18x11mm in cross section, they are available in finely graded lengths in order to make the most of every type of space. And as the electronics are suitable for use with the voltage fluctuations that are typical in this type of usage, the strips can be connected directly to the vehicle's power supply (12V or 24V).

The strips come with robust plastic universal mounting brackets, which secure the strips at both ends. The angle of the brackets is adjustable and there is also a tension relief mechanism for the vehicle cable. Interchangeable adapters allow for easy mounting on LDR shutter guide rails and the most popular aluminium systems featuring slat widths of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Another installation option is to use stainless steel u-clamps that allow strips of any length to be flush-mounted. For special installation scenarios, fixings made of edged stainless steel are supplied.

With their compact dimensions, adaptability of installation and robust, near-indestructible construction, LDR's interior lighting strips can also be used for many other demanding applications.