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Handles in vehicles, particularly in public transport, ensure a safe grip while travelling or when entering or exiting a vehicle. Crew cabins of fire fighting vehicles are also fitted with multiple grab bars in the door areas and on the headliner. In the event of an emergency, the team needs to set off rapidly and often prepare in a confined space, the driver, however, should not be unnecessarily blinded by light. To meet these conflicting demands, emergency crew cabins in current vehicles have a red or green light when in motion. When stationary, the cabin is illuminated with white light.

The LDR handle has integrated lighting that can be switched from white to coloured light. The round handle can be rotated, so that you can switch between direct and indirect light depending on your requirements. Its 30-mm diameter allows the use of commercially available brackets and fittings. As standard, the handle is produced in zinc yellow (RAL 1018), alternatively, other colours or an anodised surface are possible. The handles are manufactured according to your specific wishes (length, light colour) within 2-3 weeks.

Other possibilities with respect to the handle’s application are, for example, public transport and commercial vehicles, use as an LED handrail in the architectural field, as an LED clothes rail, as LED roof railing, as an LED machine handle as well as in combination with a 30-mm tube system in the equipment manufacturing industry. It is also conceivable to use the handle as a red-green status signal on machines or an external fill level indicator on tanker vehicles.