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Quality roller shutters from LDR


Aluminium shutters can be used where you need fast access, easy handling, space-saving solutions or protection from theft, dust or water. They are also ideal for secluding the inside of storage spaces from view.

Suitable for the simple, durable and secure enclosure of

  • equipment and storage areas in service vehicles,
  • work areas and storage areas where machinery is present,
  • and are suitable for a variety of uses in a wide range of situations.

All our shutters are manufactured to order to customers' individual specifications, using either our tried-and-tested MODULE manufacturing process, or specially designed to meet your unique requirements.

Our long-standing relationships with series manufacturers, whose success depends on reliable just-in-time delivery, allow us to meet short-term deadlines on time, every time. 

Attention to detail ­– the hallmark of our products

Focusing on quality. LDR sets great store by defect-free primary materials and perfect finishes, which it achieves with layered anodised surfaces and the use of protective coatings. From careful workmanship to robust packaging, LDR leaves nothing to chance.

With you every step of the way. Providing comprehensive, expert, on-site consultancy for large and complex projects, LDR will advise you personally from start to finish, from initial design, to support via CAD construction data, to on-site start-up support.

Innovation as standard. Setting the pace in its sector, LDR puts innovative, future-oriented solutions into practice. Back in 2008, we introduced a push bar-integrated lock that far exceeded existing standards of reliability and simplicity – and which since then has been much copied. Older vehicles have even been retrofitted with the system. And none of our direct competitors offers a comparable high-performance, own-range LED lighting selection or such a comprehensive array of accessories. 

Flexible and adaptable: At LDR, standard solutions can be adapted to customer-specific requirements and different installation scenarios. Often enough, all that is required is a modification of the plate-side parts of the LDR MODULE solution or for the lateral guide rails to be adapted. And if not, we will create a bespoke solution to meet your unique requirements.

A complete system: LDR offers a comprehensive, easy-to-install system, the individual components of which are designed to work together. It comprises shutter, mounting set, magnet switch, integrated LED lighting package and tightening strap. Raise the shutter and the light comes on automatically. And as well as securing a space or area, LDR systems can perform other important functions.