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The illumination of outdoor areas requires the use of long, continuous light strips with moderate output rather than very strong, tightly focused light. This avoids unwanted glare and provides general, even illumination of the area around the vehicle.

LDR's technology enables us to provide custom-made lighting strips in lengths of up to 5.3m. Our exterior lighting strips are easy-to-install surface-mounted lights with a depth of just 22mm. This compact size makes them suitable for the following applications:


  • New vehicles with LDR aluminium shutters or technically adapted products. With its integrated gutter and reverse-side rubber lip for sealing off the shutter from above, the exterior lighting strip takes on the function of the traditional rain guard.
  • For older 'light bulb generation' fire engines with no (or insufficient) exterior lighting, the lighting strip can be mounted above the shutter along the entire length of the roof gallery.

Whether it concerns new vehicles or retrofitting older ones, our lighting strips adhere to the tried-and-tested LDR product philosophy: easy to install, customised flexibility and carefully thought-through quality. Thanks to a cable duct at the back, the cable can be run through the vehicle shell from any point of the lighting strip. Grooves at the back of the strip make it easy to fix it to different types of vehicle. Thanks to its relatively low power rating and electronic circuitry especially designed for on-board voltage, the strip can be connected directly to the vehicle power supply.