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Steps are an everyday tripping hazard and carry a high risk of accidents. Stairway areas on vehicles such as buses or emergency vehicles are illuminated to avoid the risk of tripping. An elegant option is the LDR staircase profile with integrated LED contour marking. When it is dark the product ensures proper visual recognisability of the step’s edge because of the light, while during the day it provides a better contrast, thereby improving safety. In addition, the profile has a non-slip surface due to the grooved material on top. Its anodised surface and abrasion-resistant polyurethane grouting make the profile suitable for heavy mechanical stress. The sensitive LED technology remains durably protected against mechanical stress and moisture.

As standard, the profile comes with blue LED contour markings; other colours are available on request. The profiles are manufactured according to customer-specific lengths within the usual 2-3 weeks. By shortening the lateral overhang of the profile’s edge, it is possible to accurately adapt the profile to each specific situation during installation. The profile is secured using countersunk screws, and it can be glued. On the back a cable duct offers sufficient flexibility for laying the cabling.

Our products are typically used for access stairs to crew cabins in fire engines. The product is also suitable for folding steps in fire engines, steps in public transport and for trade fairs and industrial buildings.