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Bar handle retrofit


Many older aluminium shutters cause problems. In most cases, the closing mechanism is faulty and hinders smooth operations. The previously used double grip has a lock concealed in the guide rail and a mechanism built into the handle strip. This system can easily malfunction, and when the closing mechanism is worn it can jam or the roller shutters can open unintentionally. Problems like these cost valuable time that is simply not available in emergency situations.

With our bar handle retrofit set, old locking mechanisms on aluminium shutters can be easily replaced, so that the roller shutters can be economically restored to perfect working order. The bar handle retrofit set is also a low-priced alternative for modernising entire vehicles with shutters that are still fully functional. Rather than laboriously replacing the whole shutter system at great expense, only the handles need to be removed and are replaced by our bar handle retrofit.

The functional principle is identical to that of our aluminium shutters with bar closing mechanism, and the unit is available either with or without a lock. The old handle is removed and replaced by our bar handle retrofit set. It can be bolted or riveted in place, and should also be secured with adhesive; this recommended additional measure ensures secure attachment and also seals the new attachment points and the old holes.

The latches included in the scope of delivery are riveted to the existing guide rails, thereby making the bar closing mechanism a reliable, secure system that is easy to operate. 

The L-profile of anodised aluminium simply conceals the bore holes remaining from the dismantling process. As well as providing a modern look, the L-profile also serves as a sturdy grip for drawing the shutters down. The roller shutters can thus be quickly, easily and securely closed.

The entire unit is 88 mm high, with a depth of 45 mm. A choice of various adjustment plates for the L-profiles and latches make the system compatible with almost any shutter system.

Bar handle retrofit sets from LDR are dimensioned according to your individual needs and can be delivered within two to three weeks.

For the configuration data sheet, please refer to the download at right.

Our assembly video will help you install the bar handle retrofit.